About Us

About Us

Warranty Life has provided protection plan products to the wireless industry since 2009 and is a leader in providing creative solutions for wireless devices.

We have watched consumers for too long overpay for coverage that often isn’t needed and in the long run, doesn’t make sense.

We know you need protection and assurances against problems that may happen, but why pay more?

Many of us buy protection from companies like SquareTrade, Verizon, Asurion, Sprint insurance and other carriers because we don’t want to be on the hook for a device that is expensive to fix. We get that, but those programs also include features that don’t often happen such as water damage (many devices are now water resistant), loss and theft and overlapping manufacturer coverage. These also come with high deductibles!

On top of that, most people buy some type of protective case (think Otterbox) to mitigate against damage because we don’t want to run into a repair and pay a deductible, not to mention the time it takes to get repairs done. Yet, the insurance program doesn’t give you credit for helping  prevent accidents, while case manufacturers don't pay for repairs they were designed to prevent!

So we’ve combined the best of both. 

We identify quality cases, screen protection and the coverage that makes sense into ONE (™) program that apply to any device, new and even used!

We think you’ll like it.

Warranty Life
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