phone cases

What phone case should I buy to protect my phone?

So many cases to choose from

There are hundreds of millions of devices currently in use in North America, with many of them protected by some type of case.

Cases vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and type selected. A case with a “fashionable” look is often a trade off against how well it protects the phone.

Cheaper cases usually don’t offer much added protective value and don’t hold up during prolonged use.

From a warranty perspective, many cases do offer mitigation against damage to phones and provide value to the user in this regard. However, even the strongest case products out there aren’t fool proof.

Things to consider when buying a case

Look for cases that have a lip. A lip that comes over the top of the screen and acts like a cushion in case the phone falls on the front.

Materials should be durable to the touch, if if feels to thin and flimsy then it probably won’t protect you well.

Form before fashion. Make sure you don’t sacrifice its ability to protect your device against how it looks. Your phone definitely won’t look great if it has a cracked screen.

Have children in your life? Kids are especially harder on devices, if you have young kids, we’d suggest getting a thicker more protective case. This is where a high rate of accidents occur.

Pay a little more

Don’t buy a case just because it's cheaper. This may help you achieve the look and price that you want, but will only give you a sense of false security.

Saving a few bucks up front while having to pay much more to repair a device later isn’t the likely scenario you are looking to happen.

We see many phones that have damage despite being protected by cases. Our view on cases is that they do offer meaningful protection and much will depend on the angle of drop.


Combining a case with a properly priced protection plan is the ideal solution to consider.